Sunday, October 9, 2011

Success! Thanksgiving in Italy

Ciao Tutti,
I did it! I succeed! I cooked the perfect Thanksgiving turkey! Moist and succulent, everything a turkey should be! 
Today was a very long day of cooking and eating. I never realized how exhausting cooking a meal like Thanksgiving could be.  I have much respect for all the mothers and grandmothers out there! 

So my day started off with Angela waking Kayleigh and I up at 9:30am. Than I made pancakes with maple syrup for everyone! It was so nice to have maple syrup again! Then Kayleigh host dad picked her up and Lauretta and I got down to business. First we organised the cooking and prep times that would need to happen in a specific order. At 1:30pm we began preparing the turkey and all that the entails.

Then at 2:30pm we put the turkey in the oven. Next we peeled and chopped all the vegetables. That took a long time because there were so many of them! Next we did the mashed potatoes. That was when Ashley came over to help. Since Ashley and I are the only two Canadians in D2050 we wanted to celebrate our Thanksgiving. Once we finished boiling the taters we moved on to laying the vegetables on to 2 baking sheets. 

 When the turkey was finished we tented it with foil and let it rest in the microwave to keep it's heat. We didn't have it on though! Then we put the veggies in the oven and cranked it up to 230* C. While the veggies were cooking we made the rice. Once the veggies finished cooking and everyone arrived we put everything into bowls! Since neither Ashley or I knew how to carve a turkey we let Lauretta do the honours. All the food tasted amazing and we managed to serve everything hot. For dessert we ate the tirami su  that Angela and I made on Friday! I had never tried it before and I really liked it! Although the gravy ended up being really thick and the cranberry sauce wasn't exactly how my mom or my grandmother would have made it was still a really good Thanksgiving dinner. 

It did make me feel a little depressed. I was just sitting at the table thinking, here I am in strange country, celebrating a holiday that they don't even celebrate here, with people who are not my family. I'm feeling pretty low now. I miss my family! I miss seeing my cousins and my aunts and uncles and my grandparents. I miss the changing of the leaves and the crisp, fresh air. But most all I miss the security of knowing that everyone that loves me is sitting in the same room. 
Even though I have been feeling sad periodically today, it was still a great Thanksgiving, and I'm so stoked that I was able to pull it off! 

Ciao Ragazzi,
Amanda ♥

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