Friday, October 7, 2011

The Problem with Cooking Canadian Recipes in Italy

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So I just finished a trek to another super market but this one was very pleasant. Unlike the last one where it was over crowded and the people where pushy, this one was very nice and not at all annoying. It reminded me of Loblaw! Anyway we went to try an find my cranberries that I needed for thanksgiving but it was impossible, they weren't in season so they were not available. I decided that I couldn't have thanksgiving with out cranberry sauce so Lauretta bought a small bucket of cranberry marmalade that was quite good! I took my moms recipe she gave me and combined it with the marmalade. Adding the apples, oranges and lemon and leaving out the sugar since it was already sweet enough! Angela and I had a difficult time trying to get the food processor to work but we eventually got it running. The concoction actually turned out pretty good and I'm sure it will taste great with the half a turkey I am cooking on Sunday! If your wandering why it is only half it is because their oven is too small for a whole turkey!
Angie also taught me how to make Tirami Su today, which is surprisingly easy to make! 
Here is the recipe!

3 Eggs
6 Tbls of Sugar
500 Grams of Mascarpone 
Biscotti (number depends on how big your dish is)

1. Separate 3 eggs into 2 large mixing bowl with the egg white in one bowl and the yokes in the other.
2. Add 6 tbls of sugar to the bowl with the yokes. Whisk well on high with mixer. make sure to use the flat whisks.
3. Add 500 grams of mascarpone. Whisk well.
4. Whisk egg whites on high with the wide metal whisks until fluffy.
5. Adding a little at a time, add the the eggs whites to the mixture. Mix well with mixing spoon.
6. Take a biscotti and soak in coffee, than place into dish. Repeat step making sure to place each biscotti 1 cm apart, until the bottom of the dish is covered. 
7. Pour mix over the biscotti using the whole bowl.
8. Repeat step six, placing the biscotti over the mix. 
9. Optional- sprinkle a ligh layer of coco power over top layer of biscotti.
10. Cover with lid/plastic wrap and put in freezer. 

*Please note that I am not a very good cook and if my directions lead to astray I am very sorry. That is what Google is for!

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