Wednesday, March 9, 2011

My Italian Speech!!!!

mi chiamo Amanda e sono da Collingwood. Sono molto felice di essere qui evorrei ringraziareil Rotary per evermi dato questa opportunità. Ho due fratelli e una sorella. Sono studentessa a Collingwood Collegiate Institute e sono in undici grado. Le mie materie preferite a scuola sono la storia antica e la musica. Il mio passatempo preferito è cantare, ma io amo equitazione. Suono anche la chitarra e la tromba e mi piace lo sci, lo snowboard, e giocare a calcio. Spero di poter un giorno essere insegnamento presso scuole internazionali. Voliovedere il mondo e grazie al Rotary i miei sogni stanno finalmente diventando realtà.

Rotary Meeting:(

For my Interact group I had to say a presentation about Interact to the Rotarians. It was kind of scary at first because I haven't done much public speaking but I think It went pretty well. Interact wanted me to talk about the projects that we are doing as well as our fundraiser coming up. We are having a spaghetti dinner fundraiser to raise money to buy a shelter box. The cost of which is $1000. The event will be on March 28, 2011 at 6:00PM at the Leisure Time Center. The cost of the tickets are $20 each and we have already sold about 30 tickets so we are doing great :)
TTFN (I miss Whinnie the Poo :) haha)

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Orientation Weekend :S

So this past weekend was the parent/student orientation weekend in North Bay. It was great meeting up with all the outbounds again. This weekend was so boring but it was still informative. If anything it made me even more excited about Italy. To make sure we are progressing on our languages, the Rotarians had us write a one minute speech in the language of our host country. I think I did pretty well but it was still nerve wracking. While in North Bay my dad, my step-mom, and I went out for dinner at Churchill's. I really enjoyed it. I had the panned fried Gnoochi which was really good :) and they had a pianist their playing music.
Overall the weekend went really well and I can't wait to see my new friends again when we goto Ottawa together :)
Ciao for now,