Friday, August 26, 2011

My Week With Lally! Day 2

On the second day with Lally, Monday, mom let me take her car and we went up to the Village at Blue Mountain. We walked around for a little bit than we went into this folky, gift shop store called The Olde Stanton Store. Lally found some soap in the shape of a Canada Flag so I bought a bar to take with me to Italy. After the Village we went up to the top of the Mountain to the Scenic Caves Look Out, which was great for pictures! We walked along the top, where all the ski lifts where and than me turned around and went home. I made Lally grilled cheese for lunch, she had never had it before and she loved it. I also made her blueberry pancakes for breakfast, which she had also never had before and loved them as well but she did find the Maple Syrup to sweet for her tastes. 
In the afternoon my step-mom picked Lally and I up to go to New Market, where we stayed at my grandparents house until we had to go down to Toronto the next morning. For dinner we ordered take out from the best chines food chain in Ontario. We ordered way to much food and barely ate 1/3 of it!
In the next post you will learn all about my struggles with the Italian Consulate!


Thursday, August 25, 2011

My Week With Lally! Day 1

On Sunday my friend Susan who is the Youth Chair for the Rotary Club of Collingwood, drove me to the North Bay bus station. We left Collingwood at about 9:15am, and with a gas stop and Timmies break we still made it to North Bay with about an hour to wait. So while we where in North Bay we went to the mall and just walked around for a bit until Lally's bus came in at 1:25, or so we thought. It turns out that she didn't take the bus all the way from Kapuskasing but actually stopped in Cochran, than took the train the rest of the way to North Bay. So she didn't actually arrive until 1:45. After picking up Lally we went to a Mexican restaurant in North Bay where funnily enough the owner recognized Lally's jacket as being a Rotary exchange jacket and asked us where she was from? and where I was going? As it turns out her best friends daughter, Katie went to Denmark on exchange as well, 2 years ago, and Katie was also the girl who talked to us at the parent/student orientation meeting in North Bay back in March! Small world eh?
On our way home to Collingwood we stopped in Washago, at Susan's family cottage, for a break and her mom, dad, and brother were their so we had a chap with them before heading on our way.
Once Susan dropped us off at my mom's house, we ate dinner, tacos to be exact. We talked all through dinner and then Lally found out that I owned the 2.3.4 seasons on Grey's Anatomy which is one of her favourite shows so we ended up watching Grey's Anatomy for 3 hours before going to bed. 

Saturday, August 13, 2011

The Trouble of Packing for a Year

Only 25 days to go!! Which means it's time to start packing! Not literally of course since all my clothes would get wrinkled, no today I started packing in my mind. I spent the better half of the day cataloguing my entire wardrobe. Now if you are a boy and have no idea what I'm talking about well than pay attention because this is my OCD talking now. First I made a chart, naming the columns; Dresses/Skirts, Pants/Leggings, Shorts, T-Shirts, Sweater/Wraps/Shrugs/Jackets, Tank Tops, Pj's and Shoes. Than I divided by entire wardrobe in to those 7 categories. Once that is done, and believe me it takes a while, I started to cross items off that I either weren't planning on taking to begin with or just weren't practical under the circumstances (50lbs limit on luggage).
I'm still struggling with the shoes. It brakes my heart to leave them behind :)
I've narrowed it down quite a bit now all I have to do is figure out what luggage I'm taking and hopefully my clothes and all of my belongings I can't live without will all fit into it :)
I also found out that I have to pay a special baggage few for my guitar :(
It is completely worth it though I don't think I would be able to live without my guitar.

So long for now,

Tank tops
Black AE
Lulu Lemon
Blue Button Denim
Purple & White SS
Brown Campus Crew
Navy Blue
Black Flips
Tweetie Bird
Blue H&M
Blue Ripped Denim
Pink w/ Flower
I Heart NY
Plain Black
Purple Flats
Pink Minnie
Boot Leg Jeans
Dark 60's Denim
White Campus Crew
Tan Sweater Dress
Green Lace
Br Leather Bts
Pink La Senza
Blue Hurley
Dark Skinny
Yellow Denim
Oatmeal Singer
Purple Hoodie
Plain Purple
Gold Flats
Blue Polk-a-dot
Black Gap
Blue Stretch
Green Cargo
Pink, White & Purple
Black Knitt
Black Strapless
Burgundy boots
Black Padded LS
Black Zellers
White La Senza
Pink & Blue Knee
Lime Green
Red Knitt
Black Polk-a-dot
Running Shoes
Pink LS
White Cover up
Grey La Senza
Blue & Green Knee
White Graphic Tee CC
White Knitt
Black Heels
Black Tank
Black High Wasted
Grey Waist Band
Purple Shirt/Dress
Navy Blue w/ Hoody
Plain Yellow
Skate Shoes
Pink Checkered
White Wave
Black Warm
Dark Blue Denim
Yellow Tee
Grey Shrug
White Pumas
Pink Long sleeved
Brown Sweater Dress
Dark Blue Denim
Black Knee
Green AE
Pink Shrug
Black Razor Back
Black Pumas
Black w/ Cupcake
Brown Maxi
Faded Denim

Black Sleeveless
Grey/Pink Shrug
Coral Razor Back
Blue Flips

Regular Blue Denim

Tangerine 3/4
Black Shrug
Red Razor Back
Pink Flips

Fancy Black x2

Grey Lacy
Pinky/Coral Cardi
Brown Razor Back
Silver Heels

White Cargo Capris

White 3/4
Purple Fleece
Black Empire
Blue Wedges

Black Leggins x3

Tiger Tee
Coral Strapless

Dark Wash Denim Capris

White AE w/ Colours
Grey Sleeveless Shrug
Purple Polk-a-dot

Black AE
Grey/Blue Shrug
Lite Blue CC

Salmon H&M
Black Cardi/Shrug
Black Sparkle

Pink Long Sleeve
Dark Purple Mt Fleece
Black Biker

White Sleeveless
Grey Campus Crew
Pink w/ Lace

Purple Long Sleeve
Ivry Suit Jacket
Green Camo

Black & Purple AE
White Shrug

Navy Blue Lacy Back
Grey/White Shrug
Blue Spaghetti

Green & White
White AE Zipper

White w/ thingies
Black Cardi

White New York AE

Yellow Empire Waist

Blue Sleeveless

Blue Silk