Thursday, August 25, 2011

My Week With Lally! Day 1

On Sunday my friend Susan who is the Youth Chair for the Rotary Club of Collingwood, drove me to the North Bay bus station. We left Collingwood at about 9:15am, and with a gas stop and Timmies break we still made it to North Bay with about an hour to wait. So while we where in North Bay we went to the mall and just walked around for a bit until Lally's bus came in at 1:25, or so we thought. It turns out that she didn't take the bus all the way from Kapuskasing but actually stopped in Cochran, than took the train the rest of the way to North Bay. So she didn't actually arrive until 1:45. After picking up Lally we went to a Mexican restaurant in North Bay where funnily enough the owner recognized Lally's jacket as being a Rotary exchange jacket and asked us where she was from? and where I was going? As it turns out her best friends daughter, Katie went to Denmark on exchange as well, 2 years ago, and Katie was also the girl who talked to us at the parent/student orientation meeting in North Bay back in March! Small world eh?
On our way home to Collingwood we stopped in Washago, at Susan's family cottage, for a break and her mom, dad, and brother were their so we had a chap with them before heading on our way.
Once Susan dropped us off at my mom's house, we ate dinner, tacos to be exact. We talked all through dinner and then Lally found out that I owned the 2.3.4 seasons on Grey's Anatomy which is one of her favourite shows so we ended up watching Grey's Anatomy for 3 hours before going to bed. 

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