Friday, August 26, 2011

My Week With Lally! Day 2

On the second day with Lally, Monday, mom let me take her car and we went up to the Village at Blue Mountain. We walked around for a little bit than we went into this folky, gift shop store called The Olde Stanton Store. Lally found some soap in the shape of a Canada Flag so I bought a bar to take with me to Italy. After the Village we went up to the top of the Mountain to the Scenic Caves Look Out, which was great for pictures! We walked along the top, where all the ski lifts where and than me turned around and went home. I made Lally grilled cheese for lunch, she had never had it before and she loved it. I also made her blueberry pancakes for breakfast, which she had also never had before and loved them as well but she did find the Maple Syrup to sweet for her tastes. 
In the afternoon my step-mom picked Lally and I up to go to New Market, where we stayed at my grandparents house until we had to go down to Toronto the next morning. For dinner we ordered take out from the best chines food chain in Ontario. We ordered way to much food and barely ate 1/3 of it!
In the next post you will learn all about my struggles with the Italian Consulate!


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