Tuesday, September 6, 2011

My Week With Lally! Day 3-5

Day 3!!
My step-momma Kim, took Lally and I to New Market to stay at my grandparents house before going down Toronto the next morning. That night we ordered Chinese food from the Mandarin, sooo good!!! About 10PM we decided to hit the hay since we had to be up at 6:30AM for Tuesday Morning.

Day 4!!
The next day was good and bad, but before I get to the good lets start with the bad. We left the house at 7:30AM and we hit rush hour traffic on the 404 almost right away :( Thankfully the Italian Consulate is always late so even though I was late I was still on time! When we got there the women working called me up to organize my package. She took like 30 mins to come back to us and started to go through it. Apparently Lally and I didn't put in the right order because she re-did it anyway.

After we got that all sorted out she told us that we were missing my moms signature on the affidavit!! Which FYI the lady from the last time told us we since it was only my dad supporting me on exchange that I didn't need her signature! so frustrating >:( So since we didn't have a computer at my grand parents house we had to go to the UPS store email a copy of the affidavit to my mom. She had to sign it and have it notarized and then sent back to the UPS store where we picked it up after shopping.

While we waited for my mom to get the affidavit back to us Lally, Kim and I went shopping at Upper Canada Mall. I got a new messenger bag to take with me to Italy as my carry-on as well as my back pack for when I start school. It is a really nice bag, it is roots leather, so awesome!!!

Day 5!!
The next morning we set back down to Toronto to give the women at the consulate the photo copy of the signed affidavit, while Karen at my dad's office had the original sent to the visa office. Once we got there we had to wait over an hour, before she would see us. But is was all worth it because we finally got my visa!!!
After the visa office we went to the Hard Rock Cafe, the original one on Young and Dundas, so that Lally could get a T-Shirt.  After that Kim and I went to the Pickle Barrel to have lunch while Lally did a little under ground shopping :)

After we left the Pickle Barrel, we drove through a lot of traffic to get back to my grandparents house where we picked up my puppy dog Jake, and headed back home to Collingwood! That night my mom made tacos for dinner which were really good. Than Lally and I watched Greys Anatomy for the rest of the night!

Next post will be about the adventures of Thursday night where we go to Wasaga Beach!


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