Friday, September 9, 2011

My First Day's in Italia

On the 7th of September I left home for the first time by myself!!
It was sad but I survived and I am a stronger person because of it!

When I had to say good bye to my parents I only cried a little. When I got to the gate I cried a lot. When I was over the the Atlantic Ocean I cried for an hour, but now I do not cry. I do not miss my family yet, but I am sure I will soon. When I arrived in London, the plane was an hour early, so I had 3 hours to wait, instead of 2. The London airport is huge, there are stores everywhere, it is like a giant mall, all extremely expensive! My flight to italia was only 2 hours and I saw a lot of France. C'est magnifique!! When I arrived in Milano, it was very hot, it is still very hot in the afternoon. Lauretta picked me up and brought me to Cremona, which is a beautiful city along the River Po. Around 5PM I had a nap and then Lauretta and I went for a tour of the city, molto bellissimo!!! Today Roberto took me on his moped to show me the town and the club they belong to. The club is huge with tennis courts and pool and park! Tonight we are going to the pizzeria for dinner :) Surprisingly I haven't had pizza or pasta yet! We are also going to a concert tonight!
Tomorrow I am going to Giorgio's house for Aperitivo, it is like an appetizer party, with all the other exchange students! 
Ciao for now,

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