Thursday, October 6, 2011

Singing in Italian

I just want to start this post by staying, I am SO LUCKY!! 

Italy is affording me so many opportunities to sing and be apart of something so beautiful! Yesterday I had my first private singing lesson with my new teacher Monica, She is a native English speaker but is fluent in Italian so she is helping me with my Italian as well as my singing. Right off the bat she started to explain the anatomy of the body; the lungs, the diaphragm, the vocal cords. I have never had a teacher explain the basics of singing like that to me before it was really good! After we did some warm ups and breathing exercises, she had me sing a few song that I know. She said that I have a good, natural voice! YAY! At the end of the lesson she gave me two song for homework; Papa Can You Hear Me by Barbra Streisand and Ave Maria by Beyoncé, 2 pretty hard songs :S 

That night I went to Choir practise again. I'm really starting to get the hang of it. The Italian is pretty to sing and they are even singing a couple of English songs, one is called Swing Low, Sweet Chariot, I'm sure some of you know that song. Along with the two English songs we are also singing a couple of Spanish songs, which sound really pretty. I have my next practise on Friday and I can't wait!

Today Edo, my younger host brother, took me to meet the director of Cremona's first youth choir. It is new this year and they are looking for people aged 12-25. Ideally they would like for it to be just teens, 13-19, but for now they are opening it up to more people. I really like the idea of this choir because they will be teaching theory as well as singing. So I would have two lessons a week, one theory and the other singing. I am really considering this because it would be a good way to meet more kids my own age who share similar interests. Also it would start in November, so hopefully by then my communication skills will be much better!

I am also going to be participating in my school's talent show! I'm so excited!! I think I am going to sing Ave Maria by Beyoncé since I am already doing it for class and it is such a beautiful song (here is the link if your not sure what song I'm talking about, Giada is going to play the piano and back up vocals and I am going to sing and maybe play the guitar! I love preforming so this will be so great! 

There is also a singing competition at the end of this month that I would like to participate in but I am going to be in Rome with Lauretta! I can't do everything, but I am sure as hell gonna try :p There are also many other performance opportunities for me that are put on through my music school and my choirs, so I am sure by the end of my year here in Cremona, everyone will have heard me sing! 

I made a promise to my self that one day I would set the world on fire! Well this is how I am going to do it, on town, country and continent at a time!

Ciao e Buonasera 

Amanda ♥

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