Sunday, October 9, 2011


Yesterday was just another amazing day spent with my wonderful new friends in Italy!
Rotary took our district on another trip ieri (yesterday). We went to Franciacorta an area just north of Brescia, that is famous for producing wine! Before meeting up with the rest of the exchange students in Brescia, we stopped at a gas station where there were 5 red Ferrari just sitting in the parking lot. So of course being exchange students we all had to get out of the car and take pictures with them!

Once all the exchange students were together in Brescia, we drove to Franciacorta to an old museum, where we saw old riffles and armour used more than 400 years ago by the Italian military! We also saw an old steel working building where they made all the weapons. It is still in use and they make farming tools for the local farms. After we left the museum we went to a cantina, the place where the pick, ferment and store the grapes/wine to be sold. The wine has to stay stored in the warehouse for 2 years before it can be sold to the buyers. To finish off the tour, Ana, one of the owners of the cantina, took us up to the roof, where we ate some food and tried some wine. The wine was vino bianco, sparkling white, and it was pretty good, a little bitter for me but it was still good.
Next we drove to a local restaurant in Franciacorta, that served really good risotto, but even better birthday cake. Yesterday was Katie Li's birthday!! So the ristorante (restaurant) made a special birthday cake that was absolutely amazing, so much better than Canadian birthday cake!
The ristorante had also put bottles of vino rosse (red wine) on the table, so Kellie asked Giorgio if we could try the red since we only tried the white wine at the cantina. I liked the red wine more than the white. It was a little more sweet than the white.
Once we left the ristorante we went for a walk through town to work off the many courses of food we just ate! Than we walked through this beautiful park, but it was more like a provincial park than a children's play park! It was really beautiful. We ended up finishing our walk at a gelateria where I had pesca (peach), banana, and yogourt in a cup so AMAZING!

That night Francesco took Matt and I to meet some of his friends for dinner. It was our now mutual friend, Angela's birthday. We went to a really nice Pizzeria near the bus station. All in all I think there may have been 13 of us. It was a lot of fun! After dinner we all walked to the duomo, where we met up with Kayleigh, Ashley, Elizabeth and Kurt! We walked around for few more hours, bar hopping, even though we weren't aloud to drink Francesco an some his friends did! It was a lot of fun, I met a lot of new friends and I am looking forward to the next Saturday night!

Today I am cooking Thanksgiving dinner with my other Canadian friend Ashley and my host mom! I really hope it turns out well because Thanksgiving if my favourite holiday and it really sucks that I can't spend it with my family and my mom and my grandmother's amazing food. I will tell you more tonight, once we have finished eating!



  1. sounds like you're having an awesome time! that cake looks amazing

  2. Yea it really was!!! Kayleigh had two pieces it was so good !