Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Carnevale Part 1: Venice!!!

Ok everyone let me just start this post by saying CANADA NEEDS CARNIVAL!!!!
Carnevale for me officially started on Saturday when my Rotary district 2050 and the another district out of Milan, 2040, took all of the exchange students to Venice to celebrate carnival. It was beautiful just how I imagined it would be! 

The first thing I saw when we walked out of the train station was the beautiful grand canal and because it was the grand canal we all posed to take our group shot in front of it. This was not easy with almost 50 of us! After the photo op. we made it about 30 feet before we ran into a group of people dressed as the character from Mario except they were missing Mario, this worked out for my friend Kurt because he had dressed up as Mario for carnevale! 


Than we walked around Venice looking for mask shops and stopping to look at the different street shows and take pictures with all the different people in costumes. 
After an hour or so it was time for lunch. We went to this tinny little restaurant that Rotary must have pre-booked because there was barely enough room for all of us let alone any other customers. I really didn't care for lunch, the first dish was a seafood salad (i.e. cold), the second dish was gnocchi with octopus and some type of pesto sauce! Not the best meal but I wasn't that hungry anyway. The restaurant was decorated with a bunch of different ties and my new friend, who is from Niagara Falls, Jordan, saw a Canadian one, so she took my photo with it! 
After lunch we made our way to San. Marco's square, where the bulk of the carnival festivities were taking place. On the way Lizzie and I stopped in a Masquerade shop where I found a beautiful mask for only 8 euros! 
While in the piazza Jordan, Kayleigh and I had our pictures taken with tons of people in all different costumes. There was even a man dressed like Jack Sparrow, who, in my opinion looked very similar to Johnny Depp! 

At about 4:15 we all had to meet back at the tower with lion out front next to the water. There Ashley, Jordan and I had out picture taken with the Canadian flag! Canada represents!! 

Than Rotary paid for us all to take water taxis back to the train station, which was really cool! I got to a whole part of Venice I wouldn't have gotten to see otherwise!

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