Wednesday, July 13, 2011



     During the second week of May I was in Ottawa with all the other exchanges students from are district (except Naomi! Missed you girl). It was so much fun. It is so amazing how close 35 people can get over two weekends.
     On Thursday I got picked up in Orillia with Jaz, Layla, and Jack, then we picked up everyone else at the other stops on the way to Ottawa. On the first night we got our rotary jackets and we had to do our speeches, everyone said that I did a good job and even the Spanish speaking people could understand a little of what I was saying.
     We got to see all the Canadian stuff like the Parliament buildings, the court house,  we went to the Diefenbunker, and we stayed at Ottawa University in their residencies. We also crossed the boarder into Gatineau Quebec, and we went to the museum of civilization, which I found really interesting, and we went to the war museum, which was much cooler than I though it would be!
     Over all I had a really GREAT time and I will miss my new friends so much as we embark on our own separate journeys. The last day was really sad saying goodbye to people I would never see again but I will never forget you and I hope you go on to do amazing things and since you are Rotary Exchange Students I know you will!
     Have amazing lives and I hope to see you all again someday :)
Your friend forever,

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