Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Guarantee Forms

Hi everyone,
So 2 weeks ago i got my guarantee forms in the mail from Italy and I was going through everything and it was showing me who my first host family are even though I already knew from Lally. Lally will be my first host sister Yay!!! anyway Lally added me on Facebook after she found out I was staying with her family and it turns out that Lally is an exchange student too and she will be in Kapuskasing while I'm in Cremona. I feel a little bad for because Kapuskasing is such an isolated town with nothing but forest around for 100's of Km's. But I was talking to Kim T, who is the YEO officer for my club, and we were hoping to maybe have Lally stay with me for a weekend before she heads up to Kapuskasing since she arrives on the 16th and I don't leave until the first week of September! I also found out what school I'm going to it is called the Liceo Scientifico G. Aselli. I'm going there for the first half of the year where I will take courses like chemistry, physics and calculus :(. Than the next half of the school year I will hopefully be going to a music school which would be awesome since I love music :) They are also going to be sending me to language lessons and other music lessons. Lally is also trying to get me into a choir!
Next week I will be going to the Italian Embassy to get my visa which is good because I'm leaving in less than 2 months :s (excited and nervous). I should be getting a conformation on my flight any day now :)
So long now

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