Sunday, February 6, 2011

Mattawa Exchange Weekend :)

Hey my friends,
This weekend was so much fun. I loved hanging out with all the Inbounds and Outbounds. Getting to know each and everyone was so incredible. I went with Layla, Jack from New Zealand, and Jazz, our Rotex.  When we arrived in Mattawa we played ice breaker games and name games, which allow everyone to learn each persons name. Then on Saturday we went Snow shoeing and we saw four wolves and then we had a camp fire and played games. That night we went for a night hike, with night vision goggles, and we tried to call the wolves with our howls. After the night hike we played some African style drums like the congas and the jamba. Sunday morning was the best, we had the flag ceremony, where all the outbounds found out where they are going. I`m going to Italy and Layla is going Ecuador we are both so pleased with the choices the Rotarians made for us.
Bye for now,
Your Travel Companion

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